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Gem Stone

Gem Stone: 10fam306

Moss Agate : 10fam306

Square Faceted

10mm Faceted Square Moss Agate

Gem Stone: 10RM301

Moss Agate : 10RM301

Round Non - Faceted

10mm Round Moss Agate

Gem Stone: 10x5TM301

Moss Agate : 10x5TM301

Peanut Non - Faceted

10mm x 5mm Moss Agate, "8" Shape

Gem Stone: 13x18fam304

Moss Agate : 13x18fam304

Oval Faceted

13mm x 18mm Faceted Oval Moss Agate

Gem Stone: 14rm314

Moss Agate : 14rm314

Round Non - Faceted

14mm Round Moss Agate

Gem Stone: 14tm303

Moss Agate : 14tm303

Hand Carved Flower Non - Faceted

14mm Hand-Carved Moss Agate Flower

Gem Stone: 15x20fam307

Moss Agate : 15x20fam307

Oval Faceted

15mm x 20mm Faceted Oval Moss Agate

Gem Stone: 25x30Leaf03

Moss Agate : 25x30Leaf03

Hand Carved Leafs Non - Faceted

25mm x 30mm Hand Carved Moss Agate Leafs

Gem Stone: 3rm305

Moss Agate : 3rm305

Round Non - Faceted

3mm Round Moss Agate

Gem Stone: 4RM304

Moss Agate : 4RM304

Round Non - Faceted

4mm Round Moss Agate

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