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Red agate relieve test anxiety, but also promote clarity and wisdom.  If you have a skin disorder the red agate can heal you, your blood vessels are strengthened, your pancreas and lymphatic systems will be cleansed, and it can even help heal any ailments in your eyes, and stomach. 

For love and relationships, the properties of red agate will give you more love energy. This means that if you haven’t been loving towards others it is not because you don’t love those people, you just don’t have the love energy to first love yourself. If you don’t find reasons to love your own self first, you will never be able to love others as they are just a reflection of you.

Many people are single due to this exact reason, but the properties of red agate will allow you to attract a mate that you feel good about and that may even be the exact match that you’ve been looking for. For others, they have love blockages when it comes to family and friends who may have hurt them. The properties of red agate will allow you to break through those barriers, reconnect with old friends, and provide more love towards family since they love you regardless of what you do, or who you may have become.

In the area of business and money, red agate will provide you with the properties of setting targets and hitting those targets no matter what. This stone then becomes exciting for those people seeking more out of life who have huge goals but no way of getting to them. Red agate will open up the door of creativity and achievement so that you can set goals, hit them, and set new bigger ones.

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